Stanley Jump Starters

A Jump Starter can also be referred to as a boost, which is a means of starting a vehicle with a cranking battery. A power connection which is a temporary one is made to the battery of another vehicle or to some other power source.

Stanley Jump Starters

Stanley Jump Starters

Suppose a problem occurs with your car battery, and you need to find an instant solution to the it, so that you can reach your destination as early as possible. In that situation, these jump starters are a real solution to the problem. With a jump starter, you connect the battery of the jump starter to your vehicle, so that these can be charged, and you can start your vehicle and reach your destination as early as possible.

Now, according to the volts and the size of the engine, different jump starters are available to suit your vehicle. Among the best ones, are the Stanley jump starters, which can act as an ultimate solution to your problem. If you own this jump starter, you will find yourself in a more secured state while you are off to any place.

Types of Stanley Jump Starters:

Stanley Jump Starters come in different ampere current. You can choose one according to the requirement of your vehicle.
The various types of Stanley Jump Starters:
The 500 Amp Battery Jump Starters: It has 500 Amps of instant current starting power. This starter is not just used for cars; it can also be used for trucks, boats or RV; it has got enough battery to jump start these vehicles with heavy load. It also comes in the portable-type and consists of a high powered LED light, which can rotate at 270 degrees. This battery charger also comes with an alarm for safety. Hence, it can make us feel secure while travelling anywhere at any time.
The 450 Amp jumper: This one comes with a compressor. It has got 450 Amps of instant current starting power. It consists of a 120 PSI compressor, Heavy-metal clamps, DC charging plug, AWG cables and last but not the least, a high powered LED light. This starter also has an alarm for security, just as in 500 amp starters. Another feature which makes it a must buy, is that its slim design makes its storage in your vehicle easy. Not only that, it also has an on/off switch, making it very easy to use.


Customers who have bought this product have rated this as the best jump starter among all the other available on the market. They even say that they used it and faced no problems in their vehicles and had a smooth journey. Charging of its battery is very easy and can be charged using a household extension. People are referring to buy this, especially, so that you can have a smoother and a comfortable journey than ever before.

We have tried to list a few features of the Stanley Jump Starters, and it will all depend on your budget and needs as to which one you would choose.