How to wet shave like a pro

Shaving, which is referred as the symbol of manliness shows different growing stages of a boy’s life when he has finally grown into a man. It is an important activity for every man. But these days the art of wet shaving is slowly becoming extinct. Today’s men are absolutely clueless about this fine art of shaving. Wet shaving is the oldest and the best way of shaving. The main equipment for wet shaving is the safety razor. Unlike the disposable and electric razors the safety razors provide much better shave. To use a safety razor may need a bit of practice, but once mastered it will surely give you the best shave you ever experienced.

To shave like a pro you need to practice these following steps which may help you:
• Wash your face with warm water properly. As your face accumulates dead skin overtime, you should remove that layer of dead skin from your face by washing it properly with water. You can also use scrubs that contain small abrasives. They also do a great job in removing the dead skin layer. You can also use glycerin soaps to wash your face before shaving. Glycerin soaps remove dead cells without robbing it entirely of moisture.
• Use pre-shave cream on your beard before shaving to soften it. It preps the surface of your skin for repeated contact with blade.
• Lather up your face with shaving cream. Try to avoid canned shaving foams. Use a brush to properly spread the cream on your entire face. Do not remove the pre-shave cream. Use small amounts of water if required.
• Dip your safety razor in warm water. Take the razor, position it at 30 degree from your face and start shaving. Never apply excess pressure. Shave your face in the direction of hair growth. This may chop off fewer beards but is very effective and safe. It reduces the chances of skin cuts.
• Frequently dip your razor in warm water while shaving.
• Shave your face properly by holding your skin taught to promote shaving.
• After shaving is complete use lot of water on your skin and do not forget to use aftershave lotion to prevent infections.
By following these steps you can easily shave your beard without any difficulty.

How to pick a great air compressor for woodworking?

Woodworking is a unique job, as most of the people find it amusing, but very few can master the tricks and trades of it. If you can perfect your skills in the use of tools required in this trade, you can certainly learn the art of woodworking. It is mostly done in specialized areas and requires diverse skills to manipulate it properly. The accessories used thus a plays a vital role in this art and an air compressor is the better for it.

An air compressor has a LP compressor and a HP compressor, both of which operate through multiple stages. Initially air is smelled via air filter, compressor cylinder where a piston reciprocates for compression and heat is liberated. Then hot air is passed through a heat exchanger for cooling the air down. This process repeats accordingly to the number of stages and the cooler and compressed air, then enters into a receiver and from there goes into an air driver for removal of the moisture content, present in the air. Finally the dry and compressed air is supplied for use.


Now for the sake of different use of compressor in woodworking, some important aspects related to a compressor need to be fed out. Any small or medium shop will require a 2 stage reciprocating air compressors one, two and three sanders respectively. The size of a compressor air tank is essential as a smaller tank uses more electricity for pumping and compressing. A 3 phase power is a must for running the compressor to the fullest with 230v AC. One special consideration should also be given to the tank which can rust internally over time and can explode causing massive damage and may lead to deaths sometimes. So, piping needs to be at its very best. Simultaneously, periodic cleaning should also be done so that there is not much oil deposited on the compressor and in working area. If noise is a criterion in the woodworking shop, you should go for screw type compressors, which do not have any pistons or cylinders unlike in the reciprocating ones.

A wrong air compressor can be a very expensive mistake. So, select the best possible one and turn those woods into useful decorative objects and enhance woodworking skills and promote it throughout the world.


Why Using Fuel Additives Is A Worthwhile Expense – Despite The Price

When you look into an automotive parts store, you’ll be hit with a lot of different options to consider. From tires to batteries to fuel additives, there’s no end in sight regarding the different things that you can purchase for your vehicle. As you peruse the aisles and look into all the different options, you are going to find that fuel additives are amidst the many liquids that you can use. Some people say that these are not grand, others will swear by them. Whatever the cases is, you will find that there is some truth to the necessity of these additions to your gas tank. However, you should know when to use them, and when they are worthwhile. Not everyone should or will want to use these, and that’s fine. But for those that have vehicles of a certain age, or have been recommended to use this option, it’s important not to ignore it. It’s easy to ignore these things and end up with little to no push forward.

The Older Vehicles

The older your vehicle, and the more miles that you have on your engine, the harder it is going to be to work through the gasoline that you put into the system. You will find that most gas will be adequate, but your MPG is going to drop in due time. In order to change things up, you’ll want to look into focusing on the additives. The additive will help your engine get back to performance efficiency. It may not cure everything, but it will at least help clean the injection system, and keep debris from lodging the areas. When there’s a lot of debris, and other matter within the injection system, you will find that your gas pedal will not go forward as fast as you’d like. That alone is a big issue that you are not going to want to take lightly at all.


Newer Cars

There are some newer models that can use this additive. That’s for cars that have a lot of miles put on them in a short span of time. Newer cars are definitely important to look into when the mileage is high. Higher mileage requires different oil, and different fuel additives. This is especially true if you aren’t ready to change the fuel injection system completely. This task can cost a great deal, but you can stave off that issue if you look into getting a fuel additives up front.

At the end of the day, the purpose of additives are to clear out the fuel injection, give you a little more gas mileage, and have efficient distribution of gasoline in your engine. They can be pricey, no doubt, but they can be life savers for commuters that go a great distance overall. As such, you will want to explore the various options that abound here, as there are a number of solutions that you can explore to help your older or newer car get more mileage. Test one out and see which works best for you, there are several on the market.

Redline Fuel Injectors

Fuel-injection system has replaced carburettors as the latter was not friendly with our mother earth. To comply with emission laws, automobile manufacturers have come up with a fuel-injection system, which is a revolution in the world of automobiles. The system has proven to be an effective way of reducing an emission of hydrocarbons from cars. As your car ages, carbon becomes the leftover in injectors and engine. It is mandatory to eliminate carbon build-up as you will end up spending more on gas as the miles with every gallon continue to worsen. With a proper injection system, you can accelerate faster while helping the earth at the same time. Some of the car users opt for cheaper gas stations that provide fuel at cheaper rates. Cheap fuel impacts your car performance negatively. In any case, it is incredibly important to maintain your car fuel injector with regular cleaning. Let us have a look at some of the top fuel injector cleaner brands on the market below.

Redline Fuel Injectors

Which are some of the top fuel injector cleaner brands on the market?

You can find endless supplies of injector cleaners claiming to be the best. Have a closer look at the best fuel injector cleaner brands:

  • Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Gasoline Injector cleaner

The carefully created fuel injector cleaner is packed in 300ml can. The powerful cleaner cleans out dirt from the injection system while removing carbon deposits settling upon car fuel distributors, inlet, pipes, and injection valves. With the use of this injection cleaner, you will no more complain about lean surging or slow starting of cars. Consider low pollution as your major contribution towards Mother Earth by using the injector cleaner. Your engine will restore its lost glory and optimum performance.

  • Royal purple 11723-6PK Max-Clean Fuel System Stabiliser and Cleaner

This particular fuel cleaner renders exact performance metrics as it promises to. It superbly makes use of 3-in-1 additive to allow your engine humming all the while at its best. Max-Clean offers great fuel economy after thoroughly cleaning combustion chambers, injectors and intake valves. With it, you can enjoy 3.2% less fuel expenditure, improvement of horse power by 2.6% and curbing harmful emissions by 12%. This has really got a high mark.

  • Mityvac MV5565 Fuel Injector Cleaning Kit

The complete kit makes use of compressed air to allow the elimination of dirt and also debris from fuel injectors. This is not an additive. You can apply it directly over injector valves. This is one of the best fuel injector cleaners as it has the tremendous potential of dissolving and degrading the dirt and carbon which accumulate right over fuel injectors and nozzle. Among the professional mechanics, this injector cleaner kit is super hit. It directly applies the powerful solution to the parts requiring cleaning. Do buy an adapter kit to get the best out of this injector cleaner.

The clogged automobile injectors are greatly powerful to compromise your car’s atomised spray pattern, which is required for burn rate. Low quality gasoline can contribute greatly towards the clogging of car fuel injectors. Hence, consider any of the above-mentioned top fuel injector cleaner brands on the market that rule the automobile industry.

Smoking Meat

Meat is regarded as a rich source of protein. It is edible and normally eaten after cooking. It is seasoned and processed in a variety of ways. Unprocessed meat will get spoilt within hours or days. Meat consumption varies worldwide depending upon cultural and religious preferences along with economic conditions.

In modern times, barbecue items are becoming popular almost among all. People have become modernized and health conscious. Everything is cooked by keeping into consideration its taste as well as nutritional values. Meat and fish are also cooked in the same way. Hence there are some important tips for smoking meat and preserving the flavor that one should follow.

Smoking Meat

Setting Up of Equipment

Electric Meat Smoking is considered to be a traditional technique used to preserve food items such as meat. It is also considered to be the best method for bringing out deep and rich flavor. Smoking even leads to melting up of bones to enhance taste. Here are some initial steps that one should follow:

  • Choosing the Accurate Smoker to be used
  • Deciding the actual wood to be used for smoking
  • Deciding the method, i.e. , whether to choose wet or dry smoking methods
  • We should leave the bigger pieces like chunks and logs to dry
  • Following the specifications properly to start the machinery

Getting the Meat Ready for Cooking

After readying of the equipment, the next step comprises of getting the actual item, i.e., meat ready for cooking. Here are some vital and relevant steps to be followed while choosing the appropriate raw material and ingredient associated:

  • Choosing the proper type of meat to smoke. It may be either beef rib, corned beef, ham, chicken drumsticks, tilapia or anything.
  • Opting for brining, rubbing or marinating the meat for better results.
  • In order to cook the meat properly, it is necessary to bring the meat pieces to room temperature.

Preparing a Proper Food Item

Final stage comprises of preparing the actual barbecue item. This can be done by proper smoking of the food material. A few tips for smoking meat and preserving the flavor are mentioned under to get better results:

  • Proper calculation of the actual cooking time required.
  • The meat piece can be either placed directly on the grill or on the shallow aluminum tray.
  • Wrapping of the meat inside foil must be avoided as it will prevent proper smoking.
  • Basting of the meat will assist in keeping it moist throughout the cooking process. This is applicable for brisket and ribs.
  • Covering the meat in essential and very much helpful. Through this the flavor of smoke infuses in the meat and gets warmed up internally, hence resulting in a good crust.
  • When the actual temperature is reached, it is advised to remove the meat. This will prevent the meat from burning.
  • A pink ring forms underneath the delicious outer crust of the meat. This must be checked as it is formed due to nitric acid.

If a pink smoke ring is formed, it means that the meat is smoked properly else it requires some more time.